Location searching…

This is going to sound real boring, but we are still looking at locations.  We were very close to securing an excellent location in a nearby city, not Corona, however it did not work out.  The landlord had a philosophical problem with an alcohol based business.  We totally understand that some folks may not see a beer business as desirable, but we were still greatly disappointed.  This is the 3rd location which literally dropped out from under our feet.

In the meantime, we have continued to expand our search.  We are looking in the NE Orange County area, as well as Western Riverside County.  Also, the opportunity for a slightly smaller footprint in a more retail oriented space is under consideration.

Keep the faith.  Drink great beer.  Good news to come soon!



Finding a home…

Well, it has been much too long without a proper update.  Circle City Craft Beer is still here, and moving towards securing our location in Corona, CA!

Our first attempt at signing a lease for our brewery fell through early this year when the landlord decided on a different use for his building.  These things happen, and it was very disappointing for all of us at Circle City Craft Beer.  However, we pushed forward!

We started working with the folks at the City of Corona, who are very supportive and eager to help us find a home.  The mayor gave us some good leads as well!  We learned that industrial vacancy is running about 1.4% in Corona this year.  That is extremely tight and very few buildings are available.  Many listings are gobbled up by word-of-mouth before they hit the websites.  For the many sites we entertained, we found some missing key features which we felt would be necessary for our success.

This summer, we finally found a ‘soon to be listed’ space with all the trimmings we desired!  The deal is not final yet, so stay tuned for future updates.

In the meantime, we have been looking at lots of photos of other brewery tasting rooms, visiting many of them throughout Southern California, and sketching up our own ideas.  The picture atop this post is just a stock photo of some great friends having great beer!  We felt a stock photo would capture the excitement of where we are going, and let you know that we are just getting started.

More to come shortly!


Location, location, LOCATION!

Corona, CA aerial image
Corona, CA aka ‘Circle City’

We are busy trying to secure our location in Corona.  We have found some good leads, but nothing is ‘for sure’ yet!  Once we have a signed lease, we’ll be on our way!

Interestingly enough, Corona industrial/warehouse space is in high demand.  Large units are tough to come by, and go off the market quickly!  We are working with a local area broker who knows all the major landlords in the area.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Above, you can see an aerial shot of the city of Corona.  The circle street, Grand Blvd., is apparent as the 91 freeway crosses it in the top quadrant.  A perfect circle, 2.75 miles in circumference, it was part of Hiram Clay Kellogg’s vision for the city’s street layout.  In 1913, 14 & 16, an international car race used Grand Blvd. as its track and earned it the other nickname, “Indianapolis of the West”.


First post, first steps…

Greetings craft beer lovers!!

After months of brainstorming, planning and beer sampling, we are officially taking our first steps in becoming a licensed, commercial, craft brewery!  Yeah!!!

Corona, CA, aka ‘Circle City’, the future home of Circle City Craft Beer has welcomed us with open arms!  We are very excited to be a part of this dynamic & passionate community!

Our tasting room doors will open in 2017, and we plan on sharing our journey with you along the way.  We have some exciting events planned, and some amazing beers to be brewed.  Be sure to follow us on our social media sites, and add yourself to the guest book to receive updates!